Web Copy That Sells Your Stuff (12 Top Tips)

A good copy has nothing to do with  making readers thinking that you have a great command of the English language/you make a good copywriter. A good copy is simply One That Converts.

When words on a page utterly convinces the reader to take the next course of action that the copy writer intended, the copywriter should pat him/herself on the back and knock over a few cans of beer- he/she got the job done.

So, now that you got the whole damn point of writing a good copy, here’s how you do it.

I’m dishing out a dozen (12!) best practices in the copywriting industry.

1. Get Your Reader To Start Committing To A Series Of Mini “Yes-es”

Buying is an emotional decision. The buyer cannot be forced or manipulated into buying. He/she has to come to their own decision through the course of the copy.

Guy chases girl. He does not go in like a hormones-raging guy of 18 and ask to bed her on the first day- bad strategy.

Instead, he asks her out for an innocent ice-cream. First “yes”.

Then, he asks her out for a coffee. Second “yes”.

Next, he invites her for a Radiohead concert. Third “yes”.

Finally, it’s Netflix and Chill.

(Just an analogy, the key takeaway is: You can’t get a HUGE commitment upfront, easily. You got to make the job easier by taking the prospect through a series of Yes’s. Make it DEAD EASY for them to say “yes” to you from the start- but, always be clear of the end. Keep the end in mind. AKA Make the sale).

2. Feed the fundamental need to be important and one-and-only

Nobody wants to be part of the club that everyone else is able to get in. Trashy people from all walks of life. Nah.

What would be a REAL ego boost, is when the club specifically has a host which only allows attractive singles to get in. At the door, you have to get qualified to enter the cool club. Any one who enters instantly gets superstar status.

We want that feeling of scarcity, that exclusivity. Give it to your people.

Action tip: Suggest an elite group, in-group with special access to resources, benefits and perks that the out-group will forever be denied. Create real scarcity and don’t be afraid to uphold your standards.

The whiners who stay out will hate you, but the in-group will love you.

Direct swipe you can use:

  1. members get exclusive access to bonus materials A, B, C
  2. come dine with the elites at our secret location which will be sent directly to our member’s inbox
  3. this is not for everyone- we are looking for (insert criteria)

Idea: pre-qualify, make them feel so special to be part of the club, your club.

And… always induce scarcity- don’t fake scarcity.

Don’t say “the offer will be available for 24 hours only”, when it is not true. Stick to it.

Yes, you may miss out on sales that slow-pokes will want to make- but you will take a lifetime (okay, maybe I exaggerate. but its a long time), to get the respect and trust back from your followers.

Remember: you set a standard, they take the cue. Stick to it.

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3. Iron-clad, 100% risk free guarantee

To make the sale as easy as possible. Absorb the risk from the buyer to yourself like a brave warrior.

You are the expert of the subject matter, show them how it worked for you. Absorb all the risk of the sale.

Provide a 30 day no-hassle returns policy, stick to your guns. If you have guts like me, and you know your products are solid good, provide Iron- clad guarantees up yo 60-90days, or even lifetime support.

Show them testimonials, flood your with testimonials of how it has genuinely worked for others.

The key is to remember that 1) most people hate to take risk because they don’t want to be the idiot at the end of the offer. If you can reassure them that buyer remorse will not even set in, you win, bravo.

2) make bold promises, project confidence unto your buyer. Often they are buying something in a domain that they are unconfident about. Let them borrow your confidence.

Help them to be better people.

Protect them, understand them, show them with you, it is a safe house.

When your buyers want a refund, Give it to them, don’t be an arse and whine and give them a hard time over it. Refund it to them as soon as you can. Stick to your promises. They’ll respect you

 4. Scratch their itch 

No amount of convincing copy can make a sale if your benefit is not something the prospect is interested in.

They are here to find out how you can scratch their itch.

Start telling the readers: Features and benefits.

  1. Buying the blueprints will give you full PDF Access to the top money-making nuggets and action plan (features) distilled from the top internet marketers from the world. People who do it full-time, took the leap and left their corporate jobs. People who make 5,6,7 digit income and put food on the table at home by doing internet marketing as a living. They will be guiding you, step by step, within the pages of the blueprint, of how you too, can live your 4 hour work week lifestyle, be anywhere you want to be in the world, and yet be the responsible spouse, son/daughter and parent who provides the very best for your family (benefits).
  2. Bullet points show value. Insert into your copy.
  3.  A fine balance of features and benefits sends a copy to overdrive (in the best possible way). Achieve that balance. 

When you write copy, are you thinking about what you need and want? The deepest, most primal desires.

Be sure your copy focuses solely on what is in it for the reader.

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5. Answer their monkey-mind questions.

The usual suspects.

  1. what is this?
  2. how does it work?
  3. when will I get started?
  4. who has it worked for, who created it?
  5. why will I need this?
  6. will it work for me?

Who, what, when, where, whys. Answer those burning questions, please.

Who is this for. What will it do. When should it be used. Where does it work. Why should they do it.

Pro Tip: get fresh eyes to read your copy, their first comments should reveal any questions that you have not sufficiently addressed.

Because our ego is in the way when we write our copies, we think it is the best piece of text since Harry Potter. Always get a second opinion.

6. “The way you speak excites me,” So, use emotive words. Be a master-storyteller. 

Use an action-packed story. Stop the reader in their tracks. Speak powerfully- use verbs.

Better yet, words injected with emotion.

Speak with Active voice, like you’re chatting with someone and are inches away from them. Imagine saying it to them. Imagine you are at a party and 30 pairs of eyes are on you, and you have to tell them a story worth remembering.

No pressure.


Good: So I was there at the supermarket, at the milk aisle and suddenly, I felt a cold, metallic object at the back of my head. My blood froze in my veins and I hear this deep husky, raspy voice of a 50 year old man bellow……

(silence) they will all freakkkkk out and ask you “what did he say?!?!”

“I’m taking the last carton of chocolate milk.”

Bad: A man at the supermarket scared me and I was confused, but all he wanted was the last carton of chocolate milk.

Takeaway: Tell great stories that puts the reader in the present. 

Power words to use in copy: Free, you, you, you, wow, insane, incredible, mind-blowing.

7. Keep It Simple 

Keep the copy simple. Use examples that your target audience relates to. Don’t throw out a grand new sci-fi flick that has never been seen before by the world, with tons of technical jargon. Unnecessary.

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8. Don’t waste time. Data speaks. 

Tell your readers BS, and they will detect it. After telling them a good, belly-laugh inducing, or heart wrenching soap opera story, show them facts.

Show them the data that backs up the story, some proof. Show them how your product has helped overweight Betty lose 10 inches off her waistline.

Show pictures. Provide proof.

Link to studies, show notes etc. Just enough, I’m not looking for a university research paper.

9. Disarm all arguments

Your critics will provide arguments in their mind through the course of reading. Good, you set them thinking.

Now, the best way to win an argument is this.

Don’t engage.

Use circular arguments.

 Such as “I know as you are sitting in your chair right now, you might be wondering that it is too good to be true. I know it does sound too good to be true, but it is.”

Works like a charm. This is actually deep level hypnotic writing – it works, so just use it. You’re welcome.

10. Headlines


Provide a benefit, solve a problem.

11. Be brief

The essence of a great copy is how simple it can be. If you can bring the sale in 500 words, don’t bother with 501. Heavily edit.

Look through each section and make sure everything in the copy has a reason for being there. If it doesn’t, OUT it goes.

12. Have One CTA, But Everywhere

Only 1 decision should be made at the end of the day. Repeat that action over and over and over.

Ain’t nobody got time for “share my post, like my post, buy this thing, visit this thing”.

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The End.

Tae x

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