The Step-By-Step Guide On How To Nurture Your List

E-mail provider, Aweber’s homepage, has this nice little line: Connections that last are built in the inbox.
I largely agree. In the wild, wild west of the internet, everything seems to be vying for our attention. I just used the iPhone app, Checky, yesterday and gally, I checked my phone 119 times in a day!
Everyday, our prospects are also being bombarded by tons of marketing information and things that are vying for their attention. The inbox, becomes an inner circle, where they allowed you in and basically said to you “hey, it’s okay for you to talk to me in here”.
I like to earn that position. Now, we have already spoken through our previous blog posts about how to get someone to opt-in. Basically, to sum it up, in case you have already forgotten, you provide them with an ethical bribe. Something that they want, be it an ebook, a video, a guide, in exchange for their e-mails.
If you look at the side bar (right, if you are on the computer), I exchanged my hand-drawn mindmap for profits online, in return for e-mails.
Now that you have an “opt-in” form, the next part is the serious part. How to nurture your list.
Most people send deadly boring e-mails! Or e-mails that are filled with junk/promotions all the time.
You don’t want that. So don’t do it to others. Remember the golden rule of relationships?
Do to others what you want others to do to you.

Here it is, The Step-By-Step Guide On How To Nurture Your List.

If there is just 1 thing that you take away from the blog post today… And listen, because this piece of information carries the secret in changing the course of your financial path forever.

The secret to a 6,7, or 8 figure income is in how well you build your OWN list and nurture it.

You can forever be buying traffic or getting traffic, but you will fail to make big money if

  1. You don’t own your OWN list (you are relying on someone else for fresh traffic)
  2. You add no value to the list and they don’t trust you (you don’t know how to make them satisfied customers)

Remember, that all other things being equal, your OWN list is the most responsive list you are ever going to get. One caveat: They must Know, Like and Trust you! 

Now, pay attention. I hope I have impressed upon you that you have to start building your own list. Yes, you can do that via paid and free traffic – once they enter your inbox, it is your job to nurture this list.
Here is the step-by-step guide:

1) Gift of reciprocity

Give the reader something, this may be your best tips in the form of a book, a video you recorded— something of value. This build up a fat blob of protective layer that is going to set the tone of the interaction. They know you as Mister/Miss generous and they begin to like you.
Charity covers a multitude of sins.  – The Bible
(Give them good stuff)

2) Set the context

As I am writing this blog post now, I am nursing a food baby from the giant bowl of ramen noodles that I had from dinner. I’m somewhat slouched at my desk, typing these nuggets of gold as a labor of love to you.
^ See, what I’ve done is to induce the exact picture of me at my desk, this gives you an idea of me in your mind. And draws us closer. Do this, too, as you speak to your e-mail list.
Tell them what you’re up to.
Photo on 1-3-15 at 11.23 PM #3
Me right now. Nursing a food coma. Still happy because the ramen is good. (yes, you can use pictures in e-mails too)

3. Instill emotions, Start the e-mail sequence with a bang

So, people connect with stories. One of the very first things I do when I meet someone is to tell them my background. I tell them I am a 21 year old college student, I tell them I have a passion for businesses and marketing.
And I go as far to tell them that I fell into a state of depression when I was $30k in debt due to a failed business venture when I was 20. I had to work and teach Economics to 9 children a week in order to pay off my debt, and I had to become a very good saleslady and to sell software products for a company in order to pay off all my debts.
I remember crying to sleep and being so low that the only place to go was up.
My life story is so humbling, because I went from a place where I made $5/hour waiting tables at a Thai restaurant, to netting my 4 figure, and now, 5 figure income month by applying my skills in internet marketing. This is in the span of a short 7 months.
My story builds rapport with people who understands that what I achieved was through sheer willpower and tenacity is something that resonates with people. It inspires.
It is my belief that people are so powerful. In each person, there is a source of life that is soooo powerful and can truly, change the world.
My purpose is to coach others to unleash their source of life and achieve amazing results in all areas of their life. The day you found your purpose and live it, is one of the most deeply meaningful day of your life.
You need to start writing every e-mail from a place of emotion for the strongest rapport building.
That is, tell them things close to your heart, examples, life lessons. Deep in this message, is another nugget of gold. Did you notice it?
I hope you did. That is, apart from using this method to write e-mails, you are also working on building your personal brand.
Find themes in your life that you are about.
For instance, mine are:
1) Tenacity, Drive
2) Youth is not a limitation, it is an asset
3) Be High-Value. Like attracts Like– resonance.
4) Integrity
5) Unleashing your highest self
5) Life Long Learning
Start writing about those things to build rapport and your brand.

4. Come clean

If you are going to monetize your e-mail lists (Which I assume everyone of you are!)
After they have come to know you through the course of 2-4 e-mails, come clean to them that the reason you are able to maintain your email list, is that you are sponsored by advertisers. That is, you get paid to send e-mails to them.
But, reassure them that you review every single thing that is sent before you will send it to them. They should see you as someone who will look after their best interest and that you will be sending genuinely interesting and useful materials to them.
Now, after reassuring them, you have to keep your promise!
Remember that nobody likes to feel blindsided. They want to know that you are an honest person and have their best interest at heart- so come clean even before they wonder! 

 5. Set the context

Every time you write them an interesting e-mail about the subject they are interested about, example, weight-loss. Start your e-mail by setting a clear context in this way:
What I have found, is that when people can have a “journal” styled writing sent to them, it is incredibly original and they feel like you are writing them a very special message, which you are!
This makes them feel important. Which bleeds to the next point….

6. A Rose Of A Name!

If you want the top way to build rapport, address them by their First Names. Your e-mail provider Aweber/Mail chimp/Getresponse will have given you the option to customize the e-mails with {first name}, do it!
Personalization is key.
For example:
Dear marketer         Vs        Dearest reader of the blog, 
You would have zoomed in on the second one more, isn’t it?
The take away is: the more customized a message is, the closer the bond the reader feels with you. It also makes them feel important when you call them by name.
A person’s own name is by far the sweetest sounding thing on earth! 

7. Link to genuinely useful material

I am most happy to promote an external video/link if I find that my audience will benefit from it!

When I recommend genuinely useful materials, it has a 2 fold benefit.

First, they will enjoy the content and know that I am a good content curator that truly has their best interest at heart and is generous and big-hearted enough to promote someone else’s product because it is good. (What I call the Generous-Brand Effect)

Second, I will have built up goodwill. My customer’s satisfaction scores increases and this encourages them to warm up on my list, there! One more trust cookie earned! (Trust Cookie Goodwill!)

8.  Set them to a nobler expectation

I am opted-in to many lists. I deliberately choose to be opted-in, so I can take a clear look of what others are doing.

Here is the thing I have noticed.

The newbies in internet marketing are AFRAID of losing subscribers.

The Marlon Sanders/Russell Brunson of the business are in an inner circle where others have to BEG to come in. They will be more than happy to lose you if you are not committed to staying on the list.


Yes, this is my realization. That, honey, this is an important lesson!

He who doesn’t require anything, in turns, attracts everything.

The newbies are almost BRIBING ME with diamonds just to hand over my e-mail. I don’t feel safe with them. The newbies speak to me in the e-mail with a tone of being almost afraid to offend me.

The experts tell me to get my shit together, or get off their lists.

They induce guilt in me for not buying some stuff they recommend, or tell me to stop wasting his e-mail space if I’m not going to do my homework or join his mastermind group.

WHOA. But you know what? I’m addicted. I am so convinced that it is because he is something truly great, and has something truly great that he treats me this way!

Do you see, dear? People don’t want to buy from the nice person that is nice all the time, even when I trample on them.

People want to buy from attractive people- people with standards.

To get access to their time and stuff, I have to have my shit together and be willing to invest.

But because they have set me to a nobler expectation, I HAVE To get my shit together and boy do I want to grip tight my position on their list.

Listen: the takeaway is— Don’t be afraid to set standards, expect things from your audience, expect interaction, expect replies, expect commitment. It is a 2-way, stop speaking to them like demi-gods.


Dearest, here are my summary from the studies of the best e-mail writing tips.


They are written like a real person to a real person.
But remember this. The very best writing goes unnoticed.
That’s right. You don’t want someone to read one of your e-mails and say “Gosh, that advertisement was sure well written!” No.
What you really want is for the reader to order from your e-mail. Listen up dear. “If you are writing for applause… you will go home with empty pockets!” Write for money!
That is all for now. When I discover more tips, I will send updates!
Love and good luck,
Tavia Wong

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