The Problem With Content Marketing


(And how avoiding it will make you a smart money-magnet on the internet).

Content marketing is probably one of the best forms of inbound marketing.

But I regret to tell you that you have been sorely misinformed about how it should really be done.

You see, when eager marketers hear that content marketing is effective in leads generation and creating a good brand, they go off on in a fuzzy, creating articles after articles and FB posts after FB posts and pretty quotes after pretty quotes (you get the idea). Sure, build a tribe all you want, but you are going to get frustrated when it doesn’t produce the kind of results you want, you are going to be fed up with this whole content marketing, tribe-nurturing thing.

You see, there is a problem with content marketing.

This method of churning content does not only get tiring to maintain and keep up (even writing once a week can get tough), it can be incredibly ineffective if there is no focus on the customer’s problems.

Imagine, a poor marketer churning out content into a abyss, with no end in mind. Sometimes, this work is also outsourced and hundreds of dollars are spent each month on creating content on

Stop it. Realize the big problem.

The problem with content marketing, is that is is merely Content-focused and not Problem-focused.

Traditional content marketing is focused on getting your prospects to like you and buy from you because of your relationship. Problem-focused marketing produces a sale when it actually solves a problem. 

A synthesis of 32 studies on trust and sales clearly shows that consumers would rather buy from a company that has expertise and can solve their problem, than from one they merely like. A global study of 6,000 sales reps from 100 companies by the Sales Executive Council found that sales reps who focus on relationship building comprise only 7 percent of top sales performers.

Look, I am not saying relationships are not important. Of course they are. Business is about relationships. But business is also about win-win, about giving your prospects what they want to solve their problems in exchange for money.



A content-focused piece aims to deliver content (it can be general “feel-good” quotes, or niche-related articles (like articles of top news within the industry)).

However, a problem-focused content is one that is written to solve a problem (duh). When a prospect really has a problem that begs to be solved, you only need to uncover the problem/pain, press on it, show that you can provide a solution and make the sale.

Problem focused, meaning that it has a specific target reader in mind, it has a specific pain it seeks to dig out and address. For instance, I am writing this article to solve the problem of endless content churning by marketers and misinformed internet marketers.

I personally know a few large companies that merely produces 1-3 pieces of solid, evergreen problem-focused content that act as lead-baits. And voila, that’s all the content they need to attract the right kind of clients they want.

For instance, if you are a marketer, instead of producing hundreds of posts, you can create a piece of top-quality content to attract your dream client.

The Simple 3-Steps To Do It Right

  • FOCUS on the 1 problem you are solving.
  • FIND customers with that problem.
  • FEED your right prospects refined advertising and content to only address that PROBLEM.

I use my eGuide Authority, to call out to my target audience: Internet marketers – and I solve their big pain: the frustration of not making a full-time, sustainable income online.

I show my audience (most of my leads come from my FB profile and FB ads- I constantly worked to refine that targeting and reach my dream client) how, after uncovering the simple formula online, they can make money online and do it now, not 10 years later.

They can get access by grabbing a copy of my eGuide. CLICK HERE TO GRAB IT TOO.

Then, I include the usual elements of the sales page, the bonuses, guarantee and scarcity (I am going to raise the price come 2016!).

My laptop lifestyle is really a dream lifestyle that I am so, so blessed to enjoy. I want more people to be able to get the same satisfaction and no longer live in a place of fear.


In my eGuide, I point out the various pitfalls in internet marketing and solve big problems such as trying to find top-quality information in an industry that thrives in the jungle of secrecy. I show my readers how to actually make money online relying on a weird, but highly-effective formula. And enlighten them about the importance of funnel and traffic in the grand scheme of things. It is not one of those random PLRs that a third-world writer churned out in his source file and reproduce to other marketers a million times.

It’s great, premium stuff. No B.S.

My book did really well in attracting the dream clients that I want. It is a problem-focused guide that is broken down into 5 compact steps. Nothing that doesn’t need to be there, isn’t there. Everything that needs to be there, is there.

No writing content that does little for the prospect, or myself.

Think win-win!

Now, I leave you with a good link to grab a copy of your eGuide Authority, HERE, as well as a quote from the Matt Damon movie, Martian.


You have to solve one problem, Watney explains, and then solve the next problem, and then solve the next problem, and “if you solve enough problems, you get to go home Thrive In Business (edit).”

Your friend-and-person-who-will-help-you-make-money-online,

Tavia Wong


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