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To aspiring entrepreneurs or business owners looking to change the trajectory of your business growth by unconventional methods…

In this quick letter, I’ll reveal to you, the number 1 profit business in this decade that virtually anybody can start. In just 3-6 short weeks, you can expect to see income coming in, that minimally triples whatever profit or paycheck you’re bringing home right now. Follow closely and I’ll reveal how you can get a constant stream of high-paying clients and consistently enroll them for long-term business growth.

In his book “The 4 Hour Work Week”, Tim Ferriss shared with his readers the idea of a new rich, people that quit their 9-5 jobs to become entrepreneurs and create businesses designed to support their lifestyles. They get to spend time with their families, travel to exotic locations all over the world and experience a life of luxury where financial freedom is a given.

This is a dream that fascinated many, however, the truth is very few people who read the book actually managed to make the switch and become successful entrepreneurs. The reason?

They have been trying various online business such as Amazon selling, e-book selling, affiliate marketing or selling services such as Facebook marketing set-up, which is becoming so competitive that everybody ends up lowering their costs and driving each other out of business.

Tim Ferriss is right on this one thing though: the right place to be to maximize business success is ONLINE.

We already intuitively know that in this day and age, the best business to start has to be online because you can reach millions of clients from all around the world, in the comfort of your living room. You can scale infinitely even if you are a one-person team and you can start in the next 15 minutes with relatively low costs (compared to traditional business, for example, franchises which can costs 6 figures or more)…
However, this also means that the barriers to entry is so low… that means that any 16 year old can fire up his or her laptop and create a wicked successful business and be better at you at everything. How can you compete? These are people who don’t need degrees or years of “experience” like you have. In the world of the internet and online selling, they can be making 5 figures a day while you scratch your head wondering how to get some technical issue resolved. In fact, they have more TIME to spend on developing a business than you do.

You also face the problem of wondering what to do.. do you start a blog? A podcast? Sell on an eCommerce site? Write a best-selling eBook?

You could spend up to 4-6 hours a day trying to type up an article.. and finding out at the end of the day, you have nobody to market it to, and you have no idea what to sell or how to get clients as you try to balance a day-job and getting more and more stressed with the work situation. Your existing commitments do not afford you the luxury of just trying things out and reading articles or watching videos to try to figure things out.

This is your life we are talking about. Making money is serious business – you have to support yourself and your family and the bills are sure to come each month.

I’m not trying to scare you, I’m pointing out a reality that we all face. It is getting more and more expensive to live and that’s why it shocks me when I see business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs waste time by just treating their business like a “nice to have hobby”.

I’m not interested in helping those “hobbyist”. I am looking to help those who are looking for real results and those who realize the urgency of getting results FAST.

How about learning the simple 3 step way where you can enroll clients that pay you $3,000-25,000 EACH, and they show up on time, whilst spending only 4 hours a week servicing them?

I can show you how to command these prices and create a highly leveraged online income where there is ZERO guesswork. There is nothing to ship, no external partners you have to worry about managing and once you put in the work ONCE, you can enjoy passive income coming in every week. I am confident that if your goal is to learn how to make your effort spent your online business worthwhile, I can teach you exactly where to FIND these high-ticket clients, REACH them and ENROLL them over a SINGLE phone call, without being salesy.

Every second you spend building out your high ticket coaching business with me, is directly going to result in profits in your bank account. There is no BS stuff when you learn from me.

What is this online coaching business business? In short, it is a service based business where you help clients solve their problems and get handsomely rewarded for it. There is no business on the face of the planet that is higher-margin than this. In fact, I often challenge my friends to tell me any other business that enjoys this profits… I’ve been doing this for 4 years and till date, nobody could give me a better answer.

Back to what I can do for you…

I will identify a high income skill for you (or teach you one, if you do not already have this skill), and help you develop a killer high ticket signature offer where you can charge thousands of dollars for.

Your dream clients, they show up on time and put in the work to get results, whilst you focus on coaching and sharing your skill with them, I’ll show you how to do this without any formal certification needed, and how you can gain instant credibility with your clients…

I know right now you might be thinking… “How can I coach on anything, I’m not an expert!” or… “Why would anyone pay me thousands of dollars to coach?”… or “Is coaching even an actual career?”

I answer this question and more in the webinar where you can sign up here…

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Here is what a few of my clients have to say…

Paul, Millenial Mindset Coach

Working with Tavia is one of the best decisions
I’ve made in my life. I was interested in starting
my online coaching business and sharing my
messaged of empowering millennials.
But I was unsure about how I was going to get
clients, put my message out there in a way that is
scalable and have automated processes.
When I met Tavia online, I knew deep in my hear
that I had to work with her. She was so
personable, so authentic.. And just 2 days, she
completely set me up with funnels, ease concerns
and instilled in me a belief that I can do it.
The results speak for themselves. Last Friday, I
achieved over $5k profit… in just a weekend.
Work with her and see the results yourself!

(Paul went from selling his time for money for $28 sessions, to making
thousands of dollars a client. He went from chasing after clients,
to having clients chase after HIM even without him
SELLING them anything.)

Val, Holistic Health Coach

I’m very grateful for Tavia and her coaching
program that facilitate the most massive
breakthrough I’ve ever experienced in my business.
Enrolling into Tavia’s program was one of the
scariest and craziest decisions that I’ve made but
it’s also one of the most rewarding because I’ve
never crated such amazing results in my career
within just 8 weeks.

I began 2017 rockbottom with my self-confidence
and financial security on the line. My family
though I was insane to get Tavia’s program a shot,
especially in a ‘impractical’ career such s
coaching. But when the saw the results I’ve reaped
after 2 months of hard work and focus with Tavia’s
support, they are quite dumbfounded and surprised.
I’ve done $18,900 in just 23 days and am on track
to hit my first $30,000 goal by the end of the
month. (Update: Val has successfully past the $200k profit
mark in under 18 months)

More than the tools I’ve learned, I’m most
personally inspired and motivated by Tavia’s
breakthrough story. Today, I serve dream clients
who are happy and appreciative of my coaching
program. I’ve never seen people so excited to pay
me money for the service I offer. I love my work
as a coach and I am forever thankful for
committing to one of the greatest empowering
experiences I’ve had with a business coach such as

(Going from “Why will they even pay me”, 6 figure business
debt, to making multiple 6 figures in under a year… A HUGE
mindset shift with financial rewards being just ONE benefit. 
Val now lives remotely and travels all over the world, enjoying
absolute freedom)

If you’d like to learn the secrets behind the successful coaching business strategies that I teach me students,
enroll for the Free webinar now. I’ve seen other coaches charge thousands to learn the things I’ll teach you on the
webinar.. You don’t need to pay that, I’ll teach you for free.

If you don’t want to waste timing doing all the things that won’t make you money, you want to learn the simple
methods to start your business in the next 15 minutes and KNOW for a fact that it works for you.. then you need
to get a spot on this webinar.

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It is also the only way you can apply to work with me, and attend the interview to see if you can qualify.

See you on the webinar!

PS: If you’re like me and you skip to read the end of the letter, a short version is that I’ll show you
how to start the number one profit business in online coaching. I’ll show you the secrets we use to fully book
our high-ticket programs without any selling or pushing and how we use the same 3 step process
to create 6 figure businesses for our clients, over a single phone call. I’ll show you how you can build
instant credibility in just 3 minutes with high-paying clients, instead of ever needing to do a single
blog post, or have a formal certificate to prove that you’re an “Expert”.

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This webinar software we are using can only accommodate a fixed number of participants, please
refresh another time if you fail to get a spot this time. Fastest fingers first!


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