My Story

My name is Tavia Wong and I’m a growth-hacker from Singapore and I stumbled into this crazy dark-side of the Internet. I say “stumbled” because I joined the industry fresh and wide-eyed at 21 years of age and knew nothing. All I knew was that the big guys were doing something right to generate income of 6-7 figures a month, whilst smaller players were losing hundreds and thousands of dollars on failed internet ventures, in the hopes of making it big, traveling around the world, affording a home, freeing up their time to do whatever they want and being happy.

Don’t misunderstand.

Not all of these big and successful secret clan members are evil —you know the cliche, with great power comes great responsibility. Some clan members use their internet marketing skills for good and have went on to guide business people to generate customers for their business and reach a wider audience online.

Some have managed to use the Internet as a force for good and drive awareness and donations to charities… And some have truly managed to help others generate a full-time income such that they could quit their stressful job and spend more time with their families or travel. 

But often, their incentives are not aligned to help their students or clients.

Lean closer, this is the secret: It is in the consultant’s best interest for you, as a newbie to believe that everything is shiny and new, constantly changing and those old rules don’t apply anymore. The less you know, the more you would spend money recklessly on buying their products. Thus, they will begin to sell innocent new, eager learners like you shiny objects that deviate from the fundamentals of successful online marketing and advertising.

Some of you might know me as the 23-year-old Internet marketer who made 6 digits profits online in under a year.

1. I generated $26,000 as a super affiliate online within 7 months of joining and made over 6 figures in profits in my first year of the Internet business

2. I pulled in over a million dollars worth of revenue for business owners in the F&B, property, financial services, construction, and fashion and design industries through strategizing their online sales funnels

3. I am a 3-time bestselling author of Internet marketing and branding publications

4. My area of expertise is consulting for high-ticket consultants to generate an endless flow of clients for them with minimal advertising spend 

5. I regularly conduct talks and trainings to people from Singapore and all over the world to teach them how to have a full time income living their passions

My mentor told me that when we are on the way up, we have to send the lift down to help others, I know what I have to teach about high-value online signature program will transform the way you see your life today and it is my passion to help as many people as possible who resonate with my message, to transform their lives just as my mentor has done for mine.

With me, you will learn the no-BS, proven method for succeeding online in having high-quality, high-value leads come to work with you.