Affiliate World Asia 2015 Notes

DAY 1: Affiliate World Asia HOT & FRESH NOTES

One word. Crazy.

Bonus word. Inspiring.

If you didn’t make it to Bangkok this time, don’t
give yourself too much hate over it. I’ve got you

Here’s the hot and fresh notes for today. If you
find it useful, just Share this post so
more people can learn about how people make money
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Start here:

1. Affiliates are powerful and have the power to
control the offer – don’t think that you are just
another promoter, call the offer owner, form a
good relationship, find ways to achieve a win-win.

2. You can funnel hack an offer and clone it for

3. News has completely evolved. Take the New York
Times vs blogs. Newspaper has finite space and
when the New York Times choose to feature you,
they are doing you a favor. However, there is
essentially infinite amounts of space online. When
the New York Times writes about you online, you
are essentially doing them a favor because you
will be directing a certain amount of your own
traffic to them. More traffic to them = more money
in their pockets.
So, it is easier than ever to get featured and
build credibility.

4. Everyone can become an expert at something,
through deliberate branding. Reporters are hungry
for news.
FROM DAY ONE. Make it dead easy to share and
build an affiliate army/sharing system within the
product/service. (Study case studies like Dropbox,
sharing the service on social media allowed users
to get free space. Win-win. Another company,
Twitter, used “suggested users” function to drop
user retention on the app.)

6. Stoicism is this really hot thing in Silicon
Valley right now. Entrepreneurs should learn to
see things for what it is and make the best out of
every situation.

7. Mobile apps and gaming is a huge market. Mobile
advertising is on the uptrend.
8. What are the pros and cons of choosing an
evergreen niche versus trends.

<<< Evergreen Niche >>>

Pros: You can just get really good at one thing
and build your presence here. You get good at
understanding how to play the particular game.
Every traffic source has its own secrets, ways to
bid, negotiate, time to buy for best conversions
etc. Focusing helps you to build experience and
gives you an edge over the new players.

Cons: Finding a competitive advantage can be
difficult – you have to find your own angles.


Pros: If you network well and are incredibly
well-informed, you make the most money by having
the first-mover’s advantage.

Cons: Trends come and go.

9. Competitive advantage, competitive edge and
competitive moats.

Competitive advantages come from understanding the
offer and making the message extremely relevant
and targetted.

Competitive edge comes from having exclusive offers or
exclusive traffic sources. This can be achieved by
going directly to the ad network and buying all
the traffic. Also, side now, if you do bulk-buying, you can often
negotiate for better rates.

Competitive moat is the most powerful: It comes
from OWNING the offer. Take the offer to another
country and dominate there. Instead of running the
offer in a saturated market with intense competition, go
where it has never gone and claim it. In the days
of the internet, this is NOW possible. (P.S: If you have a traffic
source that seriously converts for you, keep quiet, because
the big players are all quiet too 😉 )

10. As an affiliate, you can choose to be
each is a different skills-set. For Charles Ngo,
he focuses on traffic-source. To get really good
at understanding the traffic buying techniques and
the nature of the traffic he is getting becomes
his thing.

11. Loading time matters. You want to increase
conversions? Get a faster loading speed on your
landing page. Copy this code for Google Chrome

12. Ryan Holiday teaches to reject the
old-school mind-set of “I want to be everywhere. I
want millions of video views. I want to becoming a
trending Twitter topic. I want a major coordinated


You want to find the right EARLY ADOPTERS- Cheaply
and Quickly.

13. Forget PR Emails: Writing from the heart, real
letters with the human touch nabs the true
conversions. Time to think outside the (in)box.

Today was such a great day of learning for me, my
biggest takeaway is “Whatever your current state
is, it can be better”.

Stay inspired and keep hustling, my friends.


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