30 Day Challenge -The Probiotic Girl

So, as residential growth-hacker, I wanted to do something challenging, yet fun.

I thought to myself, how can I bring businesses from Zero to Hero?

And to make it more challenging, I have to do this in a mere 30 days.

30 Day Challenge 

I like the idea of 30 day challenges. When I wanted to trim up, I went for a 30-day fitness challenge, called Blogilates, where I ate really well and did High-Intensity interval trainings for 30 days straight. The results were pretty incredible. I was the fittest I have ever been. (A picture of my brother and I)



30-day is that sweet spot where it is long enough a time to make noticeable changes, and is short enough for motivation/willpower to work its magic.

So I went hunting for this business that would be part of the 30 day challenge.


This time, the universe worked its magic, Valerie found me.


The story you are about to hear, is the true series of events that took place. It is pretty incredible and probably deserves a place in the popular movie and book “The Secret”.

Meeting The Probiotic Girl 

Valerie is the founder of Good Food Heals. Her background of eating disorders and history of health issues related to body, mind and spirit drove her into a state of depression and it was a very difficult period of time for her. Her mentor gave her counsel in her time of need and she began her road to recovery. She started learning about nutrition and saw the effects of what healing her immune system through probiotic Superfoods could do for her physical, mental, and spiritual health.

good food heals


She started the company Good Food Heals to spread this message to the world- that probiotic foods can heal you, through her probiotic bento sets. Unfortunately, passion cannot stand alone.


Learning the business FUNDAMENTALS is integral for any business owner. Having clarity, a sound strategy, access to market and cash, a good team and mentorship are must-haves.

Valerie was getting publicity and was becoming the media’s eye-candy. But she did not know how to generate the coverage into business. Cash flow was tight and the rent at her North Canal location was too expensive for her current business size.

The stresses of the business took a toll on her.

Instead of being in her shop during lunch-time, she would walk across the road to the popular salad shop- SaladStop! and she would sit in their outlet, admiring the shop’s processes, branding and marketing. She researched about the community outreach programmes SaladStop! did and wondered to herself “wow, who is this person who did this for them? It would be so nice if the person would help me.

She wondered like this day, after day, after day.

An Unhappy Birthday

On her birthday, Valerie collapsed on her seat in her shop and tears flowed from her face.

She told her friends “This is the worst birthday ever, I don’t know if Good Food Heals will survive”.

As she was having thoughts about how she would move on, or fold the business, a girl called Lynn had walked into the shop and enjoyed a bento for lunch. She told Valerie “Hey your food tastes good, but you should just do online delivery. You are not getting much traffic at this location”.

Val knew there was truth in what Lynn said. She thanked her for coming and said bye to Lynn.

Lynn, The Cyclist-Angel 

A few days later, Lynn was cycling past the shop and asked Valerie “do you need help with sales and marketing? I could link you up with someone”.

Lynn and I were friends from school and I received this message from her:

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 3.42.27 PM

I’m so excited about showing business how to harness the power of The Internet to drive business growth! I loved receiving messages like that.

So I agreed to go see Valerie.

At this point, Valerie had no idea that I’ve worked with SaladStop! on their outreach programmes before.

The First Meeting- Tension 

My first meeting with Valerie was peculiar. I’ve never met someone who was that suspicious of me in the first 10 minutes of meeting me. She was almost eye-balling me up and down and vetting my every word.

I knew this lady was a fighter, just the kind of people I love working with. But she didn’t seem to like me one bit in the first 10 minutes. “Things might be difficult, ” I thought to myself.

Valerie was sizing me up, seeing if I was just wasting her time, or was I here to really help. She was in a desperate business situation and was not about to pay a consultant that she didn’t know would help her business or not.

The tension escalated. 

Stay tuned to find out the contents of our first meeting… x


Sneak Peak! :

How did the suspicious Valerie end up sending this text message to Tavia?

Will Tavia be able to help Valerie revamp her business in 30 days?

Find out tomorrow

x Tae

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