$58,000 in 158 days

When nobody, not even my family, believed I could
revive my career & pay off my retail business debts within a few months,
Tavia did.
This was in January 2017 when I hit rockbottom in my career as 30 year old entrepreneur.
My retail business failed twice in two consecutive years, incurring a 6 figure debt.
I was distressed mentally and emotionally. I even almost had to declare bankrupt and risk
losing important relationships in my life. I’m thankful my career took off like never before
after working with Tavia.
Investing to work with Tavia was one of the scariest thing I’ve done by far.
I must say it’s not for everyone.
It required me to be committed & work hard more than I’ve ever had –
to create results I’ve never had.
In March, I enrolled my first client.
By June, I’ve enrolled 8 clients in my high-ticket Holistic Success Breakthrough program.
In total, I’ve created about $58,000 in 158 days through
my private consulting program & workshops.
My personal debts are cleared.
I’m now free to travel and live wherever I wish –
while doing the work I love with my dream clients
who tell me they’re ‘very thankful & happy to invest in the program’ with me.
Everyone who said I couldn’t make it is now silent.
Ever since meeting Tavia, I’ve learned my lesson:
Never waste time asking for the opinion of those who haven’t done it for themselves.
If you want to breakthrough anything FAST – learn from those who have been there done that.
That’s Tavia for me.
I’m ever grateful.
Valerie, www.speedofgrace.com