Secrets Of The Expert Consultant Online Business Revealed!

Don’t Even Think Of Starting Your Online Business And Spending Money On Any Program/Advertising Until You Know The 3 Secrets Behind This Carefully-Guarded Business Model  

There's nothing worse than....

paying thousands for an internet marketing course with your hard-earned savings with the promise that you’re going to get insider-information about how to create the business of your dreams, and realise just weeks later that it didn't work. 

Maybe you've squeezed in a hotel ballroom with hundreds of other people and have been taught a method that is too time-consuming, too complicated to execute and you’re left poorer and more confused than before you even began. You feel cheated, and embarrassed to tell your wife/husband that this time, again, you’ve lost money on a course and you’re back to square 1. The dreams that you’ve had and that excitement that you had when you signed up for the course is now replaced with a feeling of bitter regret, and frankly, anger.  

“How could I get cheated?” You ask yourself over and over.  

I know, I’ve been exactly there. It's not your fault- and I promise, I'll show you why. 

There have been countless of times that I’ve attended previews and webinars that promise to teach a new hack, a Done-For-You, All-In-One, ABC, XYZ system and I shelved out hundreds to thousands of dollars hoping that I can build a successful internet business where I can have the freedom to travel, provide for my family and escape the chains of a office-cubicle life. I’ve attended courses where “gurus” kept selling me products.  

First, it was an innocent ebook, 

then a series of videos online, guides, membership sites, live programs, high-ticket masterminds etc… EVEN MLM programs! It never stops and honestly, I look to them and see how rich they have become from earning money from hundreds of students packed into a hotel ballroom... 

As a dilligent student who really tries, I've formed chat groups with my classmates to work on the business model our "guru" would teach us, but would fail everytime and everytime I asked my "guru" why I failed, he would tell me that I haven't tried hard enough and eventually not answer my e-mails altogether. 

After this has repeated for months, I realised that the so-called “gurus” became rich selling the courses and programs, rather from the actual methods they are teaching their students!  

I actually attended one program where the main speaker who sold us the program came to the hotel ballroom and instead of teaching us, he hired another trainer (that I have NEVER seen before) to teach us because he admitted that he has not even done the business himself. I was shell-shocked. 

What about those income statements and bank account he showed us? Were those from selling products online? Or were they just money earned from selling programs/borrowing from others… or worse.. completely fake? I couldn't pay any attention to the rest of the class - I had no faith in a system that the “guru” did not even use.  

After that incident, and having paid thousands at this point, without recouping my investment, I said “enough is enough”. I need to stop doing what the gurus are telling me to do… but seriously LOOK at what they are doing.  

That is where the real money is- that is my AHA moment...

I told myself “This is it, if these guys who have no real interest in making their student’s lives better, who are selling thousands of dollars of products of methods that they do not even use themselves.. they are making millions doing it… I’m going to bust their secret.  

I’m going to find out EXACTLY how they sell their programs at high prices, how they attract clients consistently, how they market, sell, position, their mindsets, their consistency in getting clients.. and I’m going to become world-class at it.  

Then, I’m going to teach this to people, I’m going to teach everyone how they can BE the guru, instead of getting cheated by methods that just do not work."  

I know what you’re thinking - if you can’t beat them, join them? Ha! I’m going to do it this way, I told myself, that I was going to master how to do all the marketing and selling that the guru were doing, the secrets behind the biggest expert brands. I’m going to pierce the veil and then, teach students exactly how to avoid it.  

I guess, I've always seen myself as Robin Hood (female version)...

If you know the pick-up artist scene, during my secondary school days, I had a couple of guy friends who were experimenting with a book with a bunch of manipulative techniques used to pick up girls and it made my blood boil.. I made it my personal mission to read the book, I spent hours learning all the techniques and taught it to my girl-friends. I wanted them to arm themselves with the knowledge not to be taken advantage of. It has saved my friends and I in more than 1 occassion. We were able to spot patterns of manipulation from MILES away and we exposed the sleezy guys on the spot, leaving them hot with embarrassment as they quickly shuffle away. 

Fun fact: My most gifted book during Christmas was actually this Pick-Up Artist’s book, I gave it to my sister, my cousins and my girl-friends. (It went a little overboard. Anyway.)  

It’s the same here. I want to know the truth and teach it to people who are truly serious about succeeding online in the highest-margin business -I want to teach people how to make money selling programs as an expert online coach. The internet business is very profitable and online coaching as a service is a billion-dollar industry, no other online business model comes close to the margins here -that’s why everyone is jumping into it and doing it. BUT, even though many try, 99% fail.  

WOAH, 99%? That's huge. That means that less than 1% actually succeed.

On the surface, it may look like there are many reasons why someone will fail to succeed in being an online coach. Lack of charisma, lack of motivation, not being good in technology, bad at sales, bad at internet marketing to get leads, being too old/too young, not knowing how to handle clients.. etc.. BUT these are all not true. They are not the real reasons.  

The more I digged, the more I realised that the ONLY thing separating the most famous internet marketing gurus (yes, imagine THAT guy) and the average Singaporean who wants to start an online business are 3 secrets.  

And these 3 secrets, once mastered, I am confident will help virtually anyone become a guru.  

It’s easy. Once you know the 3 secrets, the fundamental building blocks, you'll get to guru status. No certificates/MBA needed, no client testimonials, you don’t even need a good business idea. It is ridiculous.  

If you don't know the 3 secrets, you'll surely fail. If you know the 3 secrets, you could earn more in the next month, than you did ALL of last year. (And it is ethical too)  

Don't just believe me, the results speak for themselves.

But first, quick introductions. My name is Tavia Wong, at 23, I am Singapore's youngest and highest-paid internet marketing expert consultant online and I am the founder of a multiple 6-figure business. 

Using what I've learnt about the expert consulting business online, I have helped hundreds of people from over 5 continents to build their successful coaching business online and have been featured on Oprah Radio, ABC, CNN, FOX News for my work. The best part? My students started from scratch. My students are everyday people, people like you and me. With the right method, anyone can be branded to be an expert and charge the consequential price.  

"From knowing nothing about internet marketing or online coaching business, Tavia Wong has been instrumental in helping me launch my passion to the world! She is so personable and authentic and the results speak for themselves, in just 3 days of implementing what she taught me, I did over $5,000 in profits" - Paul Rataul  

"I'm very grateful for Tavia and her coaching program that facilitated the most massive breakthrough I've ever experienced in my expertcoaching business. Enrolling into Tavia's program was one of the scariest and craziest decisions I've made but it's also one of the most rewarding because I've never created such amazing results in my career within just 8 weeks. I began 2017 rockbottom with my self-confidence and financial security on the line. My family thought I was insane to get Tavia's program a shot, especially in a 'impractical' career such as coaching. But when they saw the results I've reaped after 2 months of hard work, sleepless nights and focus with Tavia's support, they are quite dumbfounded and surprised ($200 shy of $35,000)  

More than the tools I've learned, I'm most personally inspired and motivated by Tavia's breakthrough story. Today, I serve dream clients who are happy and appreciative of my coaching program. I've never seen people so excited to pay me money for the service I offer. I love my work as a coach and I am forever thankful for committing to one of the greatest empowering experiences I've had with a business coach such as Tavia." -Val  

I do the work I do, and I love it, because it is my mission to help people succeed. I cannot sit by and watch another honest person's hope get dashed by fake gurus who do not practice what they preach. It makes my blood boil and veins pop. 

There's good and exciting news - my team and I, we are on a mission to help 500 people become world-class, successful online expert coaches by September 2018.  

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1) What exactly is the online expert coaching business about  

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4) How you can either choose to become very widely recognized, or operate your entire buiness completely under the radar- no one has to know - and you still get paid consistently and reliably, every week  

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6) How to figure out the Perfect Price for your program, using the Simple Pricing Formula I am about to give you.. Instead Of Being Trapped By The "Market Rate Per Hour" 

7) How to use this knowledge to either build a side-business that pays for your monthly expenses, or create an entire business that allows you to quit your day job and live the life of your dreams (you can be as public or as discreet as you want) 

I will pull back the curtains and help you to see the shiny secrets of Internet business and how to build your business, tactics and strategies on solid ground. This is NOT for people looking for a get-rich-quick... If this is you, I can't help you. What I'm teaching is not a “one-click” wonder, but it is also not rocket-science.  

I’ll reveal the 3 secrets to you in this web-class. It’s free.  

Also, just because I feel like it, I'll give all attendees who show up LIVE, a free gift worth $297. This is the transcript explaining the 3 secrets so you can keep it to accompany you as you start your transformational journey. Just click the button to register your spot and it's yours.  

In 2018, it is my BIG goal to help you to experience the joy of being able to live with the generous online income, take care of your family and give them the best, travel the world and serve dream clients who kickass and inspire you daily. Let's be real, I don't work 4 hours a week (more like 2-3 hours a day, somedays more), I wake up EXCITED to work, because l LOVE my job.  

I'm sure you're also looking for work you LOVE to do and pays you for your unique expertise. I can tell you what that is and show you the way, as I have done for hundreds of my students.  

After all, there are so many times that I've been cheated before and scammed, I couldn't believe how straightforward this method was. Best of all, it is REAL and REPLICABLE. It was not dumb-luck. There was no nonsense MLM, pyramids, affiliate program, shipping anything, dealing with customer complaints.... It is a good and honest business and I was proud to tell my family and friends about it. 

If I, someone who is so young, has not even graduated, has no certs, has no MBAs, was in serious debt, failed time and time again... can do it, you can definitely do it too.  

So put away all distractions, it is your responsibility to resist the seduction of short-lived, shiny and bright lures, peer pressure or popularity.  

If you don't register to watch this free presentation, but choose to follow another get-rich-quick "promise"...

You'll continue to: 

• Struggle day & night to make profit 

• Waste your time

• Work too hard for too few sales

• Get very thin profit margins  

• Lose the chance for valuable and influential connections and opportunties 

• Lose the trust and respect of your friends for falling for a scam (again)

• Keep getting what you've always got 

• See other people getting the business YOU want and you're still stuck a YEAR from now 

That is NOT what you want, isn't it?  

Register to watch my free presentation NOW and make 2018 YOUR Year Of Success 

Catch you inside, 

Tavia Wong 

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