How to Sell (B2C)

Today I shall cover 5 ways that I learnt how to sell in a B2C setting (B2C means business to consumer, tomorrow I shall share B2B) I’m not an expert, these are just methods that I used working when I was 16-19, which might work for you.

My first job in a sales role was serving food at Thai Express. Although my job scope called for me to simply usher people in, take their orders and serve the food, I decided to bring in more sales per customer and made it a game in my mind, only because the job was pretty boring and the hours took too long to pass.

My second job was at a really tiny provision shop at Kovan which sold stationary, but during Chinese New Year, the shop sold lanterns, red packets and plastic flowers. The sales during the month leading up to Chinese New Year was so important to the business as it could cover the costs of the lack of sales throughout the rest of the year.

1. My first understanding is that people buy from who they like and trust. “Like-ability” is a huge component in B2C selling. Greet the customer with a warm smile, ask them how their day was, engage them in conversation.

2. Product knowledge. Know exactly what you are selling. I am a bit of a freak and memorized the whole Thai Express menu-food item and corresponding index number, along with all the Chinese names of the flower types that were sold.

That may be a tad extreme, but it makes you look like you know your stuff. People want to buy from someone who knows their stuff. A lady customer bought 2 extra dishes from me because she played a little game to test my memory. Cool woman.

3. “Social Proof”- it’s crazy how true the herd mentality is. Try saying “90% of our customers will order the red Tom Yam Soup”. You’ll most likely get “Oh, okay me too, red one”. Works best for customers who ask too much questions about the components of every dish.

4. Up-sell. Once you’ve made a sale aka customer says yes, go ask for a second sale. Eg: customer orders Red Tom Yam soup, you can say “would you like to order the avocado milkshake to go along because the soup can get really spicy?” Usually, you would want to single out 1-2 items to upsell and NOT open them to a whole plethora of choices again EG: asking “anything else?” Or “Is that all?”

5. Don’t get butt-hurt
If people don’t buy, it’ll be pretty silly to take it personally. Understand that you are not a mind-controller and cannot change a made up mind. If someone doesn’t buy, it is only a reflection that at this point of time, for this person, this product/service pales in comparison to another product/service. And that’s okay. In fact, be EVEN kinder and more polite to customers who don’t buy, when they do come back, you can rest assured that they will only buy from you.

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