How To Gather 145 E-Mails , Achieve 55.8% Conversion Rate (Without Spending A Cent On Buying Traffic) In 3 days.

This story is about the launch of Good Food Heals, a company that does probiotic bento deliveries. 


Specifically, this article will be deconstructing how we gathered 145 E-Mails and achieved 55.8% Conversion Rate, in 3 days. Our launch we supposed to take place over 4 days, where we sold a bento+drink for $11.70. We outdid ourselves this time and sold all 50 sets in less than 48 hours. This post includes screen shots of the actual sales page used, the actual copywriting, and insider tricks that you can use to make your own launch a success.


See Results:


Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 8.56.17 PM

What was even more amazing was that, apart from selling out in 2 days, we have generated a significant amount of direct online sales during the giveaway.


See the results here:



Note that the spike in sales corresponded to the day the sales page was launched.

Karmic? Somehow, a Free Giveaway actually attracted more sales to the business.

Interesting, huh? 😉

My gut feel was that the elements of the Sales Page created so much credibility for the brand and interest that people can’t wait to try the array of bentos for themselves. Who knows, I’ll share with you in detail, what we did and you be the judge. Write to me in the comments below about what you think contributed to this spike in sales on the actual online store! I’d love to hear it.

I was in charge of this launch for Good Food Heals and writing this post is most exciting for me because I will be doing my own giveaways soon and this launch allowed me to validate a lot of ideas I’ve been meaning to try. Without further ado, the launch.



About The Launch 

The launch was a Giveaway of 50 bento boxes + probiotic drink, where the client had to opt-in with their name and e-mail and pay $11.70 for the delivery charge. This launch is a soft-launch for the meal delivery program, where the client would be up-sold to a monthly food delivery program. We wanted to test the market with an offer of a free bento + drink to see if the response would be good, as well as to generate an e-mail list for us to blast the monthly meal delivery offer to. We also wanted customers to familiarize themselves with the online-ordering process with us.

The result?

We had 50 paying customers within 2 days of the launch.  (I know what some of you are thinking, “Free? its no wonder you had such great results!”)

Because, Fat Amy’s Mentality:


giphy (1)

True. Free definitely helped to achieve these results.

The reason is simple, it is because, “Free!!!!” is a great “Hell Yes! Offer”.  (hold.. I’ll explain this in a minute)

However, not all Free things would generate the type of clients we want. We made sure to weed out the freebie seekers by making sure that people had to contribute actual cash (in this case, $11.70 delivery fee) for the product.


Rejecting Misaligned Prospects  

This $11.70 amount is low enough to make them take up the “Free” offer, but high enough to weed out the freebie seekers who would not likely be buying anything of higher value in the near future.

Let’s face it, if the person is not about to pay $11.70 for a bento, he/she is unlikely to commit to a monthly meal plan which costs up to $297. We don’t want these clients. Our offer has to convey that. Thus, it cannot be totally free.

This is the reason why we do not allow customers to take up the offer and collect their bentos from the shop without paying a cent. We want clients who are comfortable with paying for their bento sets online.

Profits Online = “Hell Yes!” Offer + Eyeballs 

There are 2 main components to a successful launch which brings profits…

  1. Hell Yes! Offer (Covered in This Post)
  2. Eyeballs (To be covered in the Next Post)


A”Hell, Yes!” Offer

It’s no use driving truck loads of eyeballs and people to your web sales page if they are not going to see a good offer they want. So before aiming to get a lot of people to your sales page, always make sure you have a sales page that will make people go “Hell, Yes!”.
“Hell, Yes!”
Derived from “In the name of hell, Yes!”, this saying expresses either great joy or agreement with either a speaker or an ongoing situation. It has been made popular by the WWE’s (Formerly WWF) “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.
“If you want to relax and watch movies for the rest of today, gimme a Hell Yes!”
A “Hell, Yes!”Offer, is an offer that is so almost-unbelievably good, that he would be an idiot not to take it.

A “Hell, Yes!” Offer, is one that should be so compelling, that a person would immediately look for the “Check Out” button and can’t wait to enter his payment details before he misses out on the offer.

A “Hell, Yes!”Offer, is an offer that is so satisfying to the person, that he would not deny himself the pleasure of accepting the offer.

7 Elements Of A Hell Yes Offer 

Element 1: Free (Greed Glands Awakened!)
Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 9.58.15 PM
Element 1: Free Giveaway!

There are a few things people will not miss- Ryan Gosling/Mila Kunis on television, and A Free Giveaway.

If you can’t get A-List celebrities to do a launch for you, start attracting eyeballs by giving something for Free. It is irresistible.

Story Time : Amazon’s Experience with FREE!



Amazon once launched a “free shipping” promotion that kicked in whenever a customer purchased a second book. This offer was applied to every country except France, and every country apart from France, experienced a big spike in sales order due to the offer.

When the Amazon marketers took a good look at what happened with France, they found that it was not because the French were rational enough not to want a second book. What actually happened in France, was that instead of zero shipping cost, the offer in France was a mere one Franc, about 20 cents.

The 2 offers (one Franc and Free), were on a dollar-standpoint, almost the same, but the results in sales were starkly different! When they switched the shipping from one Franc to Free, sales indeed jumped.


Here’s the big takeaway: Free is very powerful in driving traffic. If you want to get the widest number of people to try your product, give it away for Free.

(Remember in this Amazon example, the customers did indeed pay for both the books and thus, the offer were never completely free, there was an element of the client having to fork out money in exchange for this “Free” offer. I would continue to run launches this way- I don’t want to be attracting unqualified/misaligned leads)

Element 2: Aim To Educate

Our headline —


Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 12.29.27 PM


–grabs attention. Because it introduces the idea of “Super Probiotics” which people are curious about- not many people know what probiotics are, or which foods contain them.

Our headline also talks about “Detoxification” which is a buzz word in the healthy-lifestyle community.


It also promises to teach viewers how they can have the benefit of getting their body “Lean and Strong”.

People are always hungry for information. They want to learn more, consume more, especially for things that interest them and are beneficial to them. Craft your sales page to show your readers/prospect that after watching your video, their lives would change for the better because of the new knowledge they have acquired.

Aim to educate.

Here is our sales page:

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 1.50.51 PM

Educating your audience is also a great pre-frame before revealing your offer. It gives you the power of authority, it makes you the expert of the subject matter and this makes your viewers trust you more.

People are much more likely to buy from an expert they know, like and trust.

Element 3: Video

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 9.58.58 PM


Having a video increases engagement as the human mind thinks and remembers in pictures, visuals, not words. Having a person “selling” the offer in the video would make the offer seem more credible and encourage more people to participate in the giveaway.

Having pictures is something that I consider a Must-Have in every sales page. However, video takes the cake. There are few things that creates more sensory stimulation than a video. In a video, you can control movement, pace, intonation, pitch… You can evoke emotions better and better engage your audience – showing them how fantastic the offer is!

“Get over yourself and video!” – the sooner you can do that, the higher rates of engagement you can expect.

Element 4: The Almost-Unbelievable Offer

The offer has to be  Good  Great. But, it cannot be too good to be true. It has to be Almost– unbelievably good.


What do I mean?

Which one of these 2 offers would you go for?

1) A free probiotic bento + drink (worth $17) that you only have to contribute towards refrigerated shipping of $11.70 – refrigerated shipping because it keeps the probiotics alive.


Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 1.34.06 PM


2) A free Cherry Red Ferrari if you hand over your name and e-mail.



If you are picked 2, here’s the public service announcement: If something is too good to be true, it usually is.

Moving on, most people would go for offer 1.

The copywriting we used was:

“I will deliver to you one full-sized premium bento set, along with a natural probiotic fizzy drink for FREE, you’ll only have to help cover the delivery of $11.70 ( Our bentos are refrigerated to keep the probiotics alive!)”

To justify the need to charge something (What we are doing is qualifying our clients), we provided a reason for charging – For probiotics to be kept alive, we have to have refrigerated shipping- $11.70.

And how did we explain why were were giving bentos for free? (People may get wary when something is given to them for free, so cull the critics)

Our Sales Page:

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 1.40.12 PM

Look at the reasons, they are devoid of pretense. We tell the prospects the truth, that

a) We are happy to give them the bento for being supporters

b) We have other sources of revenue, so its okay to share the good stuff

c) We want them to buy from us in the future (didn’t think of putting this in did you? Try it! Honesty is a pretty good policy.)

So, remember, when doing your own launches, provide an offer that is Almost-too good to be true. Explain why you are doing this for free (It could really be almost anything, SG50, national day, bank holiday, your birthday, your anniversary…)

Then, charge your prospects and provide a reason for charging (just need your help with shipping/delivery- delivery cost is normal postage fees/international shipping/to provide for refrigerated shipping).

Element 5: Scarcity

We put in elements of scarcity to drive people over the edge and say “Hell, Yes!”

We used a countdown timer and limited the quantity of bentos (only 50). Easy, but does the trick.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 1.20.34 PM


To further capitalize on the fear of loss, which is one of the strongest motivators, we wrote this sales script:

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 1.25.11 PM

People almost always, want what they can’t have. The idea of missing out pains them enough to take massive action.

We created the idea of an inner and outer circle, where one group will get to enjoy all the perks of being part of the 50, the other outer group would sorely miss out. Who would want to be the kid on the sidelines, missing out on the juicy secrets and perks of the inner circle?

Element 6: Mathematical Madness 

I love throwing in bonus gifts to send the readers over the edge.


If you’re a seminar-goer, you would know this sales technique where the speaker would do a simple arithmetic addition of all the value that you will be getting and blow it up to an incredible dollar figure.

Eg: For training A, it is worth $799. For training B, it is worth $987, For training C, it is worth $10,000. Altogether, the price would be $11,786.

Then, he/she would slash the price and show you what you actually have to pay, convincing you that what you will be paying is a midget sum compared to the immense value you would be getting.

Eg: For ALL this value, I will charge you $997 only.

But wait, because you have attended this seminar today, I will NOT be charging $997, it will be $597.

But wait again, because this is an important training and I really need you to hear it, it will be at a crazy price (I mean, I would pinch myself when I wake up tomorrow and regret this). But take advantage of my insanity…. It will be $197.

Go, go rush to the counter right now, for this super insane price. I will only be charging you $197 compared to the $11,786 value you will be getting.



Oh boy, I love to watch sales pitches like that. I love it.

I like to call this technique the Mathematical Madness Bonus- the crazy slashing of prices to make the final price you have to pay seem midget compared to what you stand to gain.

Check out our Sales Page:

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 2.24.13 PM

We threw in 2 bonuses: 10 Recipes and a Special Value offer (Discount) To the actual meal delivery program. If you read the sales pitch above, I didn’t do it seminar style, mostly because this pitch should sound like how Val would sell it and given her personality, she would feel uncomfortable to sell it in the seminar style pitch.

Thus, we toned it down. But it worked for her nicely too.

Tae, What kind of Free Bonuses should I give? 

When throwing in free gifts, I like to give informational products. Even better if it is “home-made”. Like our own recipes, our own ideas, our own creativity. We can price it however we like without needing to justify the costs, because it is one and only. Also, it helps with branding (Yes, this is a strategy to achieve expert-status).

Element 7: Money-Back Guarantee

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 2.31.13 PM

Providing a money-back guarantee takes away all risk for the customer.

If you are providing a good product/service, go ahead and show your confidence in delivering satisfaction, every time.

Absorb 100% of the risk and give your buyers a peace of mind, help them to make taking up the offer the most brainless decision.

Help them to say, “Hell, Yes!”.

Element 8: Testimonial 

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 2.31.21 PM

Testimonials are great for social proof. (Yes, this is me, and yes, I love the bentos). The more testimonials, the merrier.

Given more time, I would have gathered at least 5 testimonials and placed them in the sales page- complete with pictures- even better, if I had video testimonials- They would have made a huge difference!

That’s a point of learning for me, and area of improvement.

Anyhow, yes, there you go. All 7 Elements that lead to our “Hell, Yes!” offer. Use if for your next launch and test the effectiveness for yourself!

But wait. In the spirit of Mathematical Madness, (and because it’s Monday and I want to help you chase away Monday Blues), here are Bonus elements that helps you to bump conversions up:

Bonus A) Great design

Never underestimate the importance of great design. Include many appealing visuals. Limit colors used on the sales page to, as a rule of thumb, 2 colors (max 3), paying attention to make the call to action button a Bright color.

Nobody wants to hang around an ugly site.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 2.44.42 PM



Bonus B)  Bullet-Points for value:

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 2.46.32 PM

I highly doubt people actually read and process all the benefits of saying “Yes” to the offer. But the presence of a huge, long list of value makes them go “Okay, Okay, I want this”.

Bonus C) ™ for Credibility

Fit-Detox 135 Program™ is much more fancy than Fit-Detox 135 Program.




And this, my friends, is how we created our “Hell, Yes!” Offer to Gather 145 E-Mails, Achieve 55.8% Conversion Rate. 

But we can’t be the best kept secret in the world!

We had to open the digital doors to actual people who would take up the offer…

Stay tuned to the next post where I show you the other half of the equation to profits online — getting Eyeballs.



Again, write to me in the comments below about what you think contributed to the spike in sales on the actual online store! I’d love to hear it.

x Tae

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