Blog Post #1: why, why, why

Before starting Anything, we have to ask the WHY.

“He who has a ‘why’ can endure almost any “how”.” -Nietzsche I’ve always been one to ask myself “how can I help the people who come into my life”- I derive the greatest satisfaction from helping people get what they want to achieve.

That is my true passion, to help people realize their dreams and working with them on a very intimate level to achieve personal greatness. I want to experience the feeling of being capable of helping someone in a rut, someone confused in his/her direction and grow businesses, I want to provide better living conditions for the needy and invest in a relevant, on-going, education.

My Why

My WHY of starting a blog is:

  1. To Journal My Learning: my mentor taught me to journal down my thoughts, not merely for “likes” or “shares”, not mere attention, but to develop skills of persuasion and to bring clarity to my thinking.
  2. To Provide Quality: The internet is inundated with information, I establish myself as a source of credible information, not copied-and-paste, made-in-15-minutes rubbish content, but quality work that is evergreen and helps many people.
  3. An Avenue For Consultancy: I love helping businesses thrive. I implement online and offline marketing growth-hacking techniques that less than 1.0% of the world knows about, based on immutable laws, that produces 5,6,7-figure incomes and coach sales teams in the art of persuasion.

See: Is blogging 1.0 dead?

Blogging 1.0 refers to writing of blog posts and receiving content. Tim Ferriss, the author of 4hourworkweek says that as long as you offer the BEST of everything, you will never go out of style.

This is based off the first principles that Content Is King- High Quality Content (or long-form AKA long, detailed posts that are genuinely useful) will always be in demand.

They may not be “hype” or necessarily go viral, but in the long off, people who are nurtured by the blog will turn out to be your most ardent supporters. When you do give them an offer, you would have already offered so much value to them that they know, like and trust you. These will turn out to be your highest-margin, lowest-pain customers.

This concept is beautiful to me. It ties in with human reciprocity. The blog’s author has the best interest of her readers and provides quality content, every single time, consistently, shielding the reader from the massive amounts of useless, generic content out in the web, and the readers reciprocate in spending their time following the blogger’s works and supporting the blogger in his/her ventures.

Because I want to form a personal relationship with everyone of my readers, yet provide quality content on the blog, I will be sending a personalized e-mail everyday for those that enter their emails in any of the opt-in forms. E-mail subscribers also enjoy my top tips on business, sales and marketing that I’ve curated and pearls of wisdom from my interview with successful entrepreneurs.

I’ll send a short one, daily, that looks like quirky Seinfeld e-mails.

The blog is reserved for posts that are of high-value. These are all carefully considered posts, backed by the wisest minds in the business, sales, marketing and growth-hacking gurus. The frequency of these are un-set, I’m more concerned with quality than quantity.

What I am all about:

So, counting down,

My Manifesto:

19) In doubt, always choose the path of least regret.

18) Be Genuine. Remember that the greatest investment is always in people.

17) The ratio between talk and action is zero to infinity

16) There are always people willing to help, if help is not rendered, ask one step higher

15) It is not who you are right now, but who you want to become

14) Invest in continued learning: do not be confined in the walls of colleges

13) Build systems that are tested, there are immutable laws for everything

12) Always be willing to throw away beliefs to adopt better ones

11) Positivity is not mere hype. The most damaging advice often is veiled as good advice.

10) You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Hang out with better company. Podcasts included.

9) Consistency is key. As you sow, so shall you reap.

8) You are a creator of your success. When I am ready, the mentor will appear, the resources will come

7) You attract what you think most about

6) Time well-spent is not wasted. Sure, it may not be productive, but you enjoy it.

5) A marketer’s job is to affect perception. What a great moral duty. So is a salesperson. both these things are SO SO
appealing to me in their concept of persuasion and human psychology.

4) Travel the world. Choose to travel and expand your mind and develop yourself as a complete human being

3) Vulnerability over ego

2) Believe in yourself

1) Speak in parables, it is more important to be understood that to have verbal diarrhea

0) Don’t be afraid to be odd

What I am not: A shovel-seller. In the times of the gold rush, the ones who got rich-quick, were those that sold shovels. I don’t sell shovels, I dig for gold and share it. I don’t sell empty dreams, I show you growth-hacking techniques from experts that work, and help you to implement it for yourself.

Now, enough of me. Let’s start creating great content for You.

Glossary: G is for Growth-hacking: Growth-hacking refers to the use of unconventional means to achieve growth. Growth-hacking is not concerned with tradition, usually, but uses short-cuts to lead to phenomenal successes. It is usually use to refer to business strategies, but the concept can definitely be applied in many other areas.

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