Finding Marketing Angles

So, you have to promote a product or service. If the angles that you are using to promote it is not working as effectively as before, this quick QnA today might help you come up with fresh ideas.


Hey Tavia, I am partnering an SME to help them market their CRM (Customer Relationship Management System)— it manages content, helps employees set sales targets and improves the productivity of sales force. We have targetted the property and insurance markets as a tool to increase productivity.

The $5,000 package includes a 1 day training, with personality profiling of their sales people, training on the use of the the CRM tools and basic sales training.

For Singapore SMEs (small medium enterprises) that get the tool and training, the government has given a generous subsidy, such that they can enjoy the service for FREE>

What is the most effective way for me to angle my marketing campaigns and get targetted lead?


The CRM market is pretty saturated.

Unique selling point

Find out what it is that makes this CRM system so different from the rest of the CRM
products (It being FREE— is a great differentiator, but cannot be the
only differentiator
, especially if a company has an existing CRM in place—
they may not want to switch over despite it being free).

You need to show them how it is better than the existing.

I don’t intend to go for a market that doesn’t really know CRM and its importance eg: hairdressers, people in the civil service that are salaried workers. I would go for low-hanging fruits that already see the importance of a CRM system and want the best one in the market: eg- commission-based industries such as insurance, property and affiliate marketing.

The best way I would get leads is like this.

1) I will create a report called “3 reasons why XXX is overpriced/not a robust CRM”– then I will target the competitor as a keyword under FB ads,

In the report, I will show how my CRM is the best + add in that it is free.

2) I will create a blog post called “3 reasons why XXX is overpriced/not a robust CRM” (the same article)– and send google adsense traffic to the page to collect leads. The keywords being the name of my competitors company.

Look at this screenshot example. When I type in “Clickfunnels”as the company, the competitor, Instapage, smartly paid more to rank higher than Clickfunnels, thereby intercepting its traffic. It also smartly took a jab at the price of Clickfunnels, showing consumers the biggest “Drawback” of clickfunnels.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 5.35.04 PM

3) Brand story + Happy customers

I usually use a successful case study in the creation of a brand story. The founder of a company may be a veteran in sales. He was a sales director at a company and he has been using an old CRM program with many issues (point of issues of existing CRM solutions)— He was fed up and he decided to partner with a coder to come up with a robust CRM system, combining all the factors that is needed to create a strong sales team.

This has helped the company achieve breakthrough growth (show sales stats improvement)– this is also not an isolated success case.

The CRM solution is used by SMEs alike (Use case studies that are directly related to your potential customers. Eg: if you are trying to sell the CRM system to insurance companies. Have a winning case study of an insurance agency that implemented this system and had stellar results– even better if they are video testimonials).

4) Research commission-based industry niches: Find the WHY

Know the WHY people buy your product.

“Productivity” doesn’t actually mean anything.

In figures, “When you use our CRM system, you are 78% more likely to follow up with your client and are 100% more likely to make that $1k sale. Multiply this by the 6 extra clients you will meet each week with our scheduling system, you are more likely to make $6k extra a week.

That’s $24k a month and $288k a year + the chunky bonuses.”

People don’t buy the WHAT or HOW features of your CRM “improve productivity”, “you can set appointment reminders”…. they buy the WHY you do it: You can automatically manage your clients = shorten sales cycle= more sales = more successful sales person = recognition, wealth, ability to take that holiday to Maldives.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 6.18.58 PM

Commission-based industries are likely to use a CRM system for setting sales targets and would also appreciate sales training, since if they are unable to sell, they don’t make money that month.

For now, the target of property and insurance are good, but may be over-used. I might go into affiliate-marketing agencies/companies that does deals-syndication— anything that pays per sale.

Another WHY: If you don’t make sales, you go hungry. I don’t want to go hungry, so I want a CRM.


So target: Freelancers. Freelance photographers, copywriters, babysitters, nannies, Uber drivers…

Do strong research here and it should give you fresh insights.

Dig deep.

Find that angle!


Free is really powerful, the idea of Free and why it works so well, is linked to how little commitment a buyer has to make.

However, an overhaul of current CRM systems will cause disruptions and thus, is a cost that a marketer has to be aware of.

Make the FREE as painless as possible. You may even start with a FREE 1 day sales training for the company and after they know, like and trust you– they might be more open to see how to painlessly adopt your CRM systems.

Keep tweaking that FREE offer and make it a micro-commitment, test your landing pages with the different FREE offers until it converts well for you.

Try your hand at marketing, you don’t need to have a product or experience, I’ll guide you HERE.
Written by
Tavia Wong

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