Ask Tavia Anything Sesh#1

Enjoy the replay of the first session of ‪#‎asktaviaanything‬

We covered many topics
1) what’s the point for YOU of sending leads to webinar
2) the 5 paths to profit online
3) ad congruence
4) ad fatigue, when is it time to change your ads?
5) others zig, you zag + my targeting that gave me over $30k, revealed
6) how to split-test properly and MORE!

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Russell’s Free Book

If you don’t already know who Russell Brunson is. He’s the founder of Dot Com Secrets and the grand-daddy of Clickfunnels– the software that allows to to create sales funnels without any coding experience needed. I would attribute 80% of my online success to this guy right here. He’s giving away his free book and

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Finding Marketing Angles

So, you have to promote a product or service. If the angles that you are using to promote it is not working as effectively as before, this quick QnA today might help you come up with fresh ideas. Question: Hey Tavia, I am partnering an SME to help them market their CRM (Customer Relationship Management

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How To Really Network

I’ve never enjoyed attending networking events and I have a hunch that you don’t too. Why? It’s like an awkward “businessy businessy” meeting, where people have to dress up, smile, exchange name cards and talk about your business (or listen to others talk endlessly about theirs). Here’s why you don’t have to listen to me:

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Affiliate World Asia 2015 Notes

DAY 1: Affiliate World Asia HOT & FRESH NOTES One word. Crazy. Bonus word. Inspiring. If you didn’t make it to Bangkok this time, don’t give yourself too much hate over it. I’ve got you covered. Here’s the hot and fresh notes for today. If you find it useful, just Share this post so more

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The Problem With Content Marketing

  (And how avoiding it will make you a smart money-magnet on the internet). Content marketing is probably one of the best forms of inbound marketing. But I regret to tell you that you have been sorely misinformed about how it should really be done. You see, when eager marketers hear that content marketing is

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The Step-By-Step Guide On How To Nurture Your List

E-mail provider, Aweber’s homepage, has this nice little line: Connections that last are built in the inbox. I largely agree. In the wild, wild west of the internet, everything seems to be vying for our attention. I just used the iPhone app, Checky, yesterday and gally, I checked my phone 119 times in a day! Everyday,

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Web Copy That Sells Your Stuff (12 Top Tips)

A good copy has nothing to do with  making readers thinking that you have a great command of the English language/you make a good copywriter. A good copy is simply One That Converts. When words on a page utterly convinces the reader to take the next course of action that the copy writer intended, the

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